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Video Stream Service

In today's climate of remote workplaces, social distancing and sudden lockdowns, everyone is finding new ways to connect and Hotshot Av has done just this.
Zoom conferences, panel discussions and any streams can be disappointing, if both audio and video quality is substandard.
Hotshotav has experience in both mediums and we stand by the reality that it's not about what technical glitches may occur,
 but if they can be rectified in the shortest space of time, enabling things to proceed.

HD cameras that can zoom into individuals, so they fill the screen when speaking, playback of audio and video content that looks and sounds good, both for the guests taking part in the Zoom meeting online, as well as those at a venue.
Cordless Mics, headset and lapel mics, lighting so that the members looks clear on camera and an inconspicuous presence.

Halftone Image of Crowd
This video has been deleted.
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