TV, Infomercials... Whatever needs filming, it's just the CONTENT that changes. The Footage is where magic happens, but don't forget....THE AUDIO 

Too many TV programs have either great Video and bad audio and AUDIO, is actually 50% of the video....and that's where HOTSHOT stands out from the rest. 30 years of audio EXPERIENCE will most definitely, play it's part.


HOTSHOT has taken one Quarter the equipment to film some of it's productions, because you can add as much 3D Graphics, SFX or "Smoke and Mirrors" to a video, but if the CONTENT is bad, it'll just fly over people's heads. Hotshot prefers keeping it simple, because LESS is actually MORE.


As a Musician, I know what people like to see, as do the musicians themselves.

A music Video can be a memory, a visual interpretation of the meaning of a song, or it can be

a Creative ...Wank.

Hotshot is a Content kinda business, and has filmed edited and produced the video below, without 

a massive crew and equipment. 2 cameras and sound from the venue's mixing desk.

Less is more. It always has been, and will always be. 



Close to Sandton, but

in a quiet suburb

Film // Video//Audio Producer//Editor

AfterEffects // Premiere // Adobe CC

Available for freelance and contract jobs

on location or at my studio


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